Real Money Blackberry Poker Apps

The Blackberry has been around for a while. Their first device (a pager) was released in 1999. They released their first mobile phone in 2007.

Being as they've been around for more than 10 years, you'd think that they would have a larger share of the marketplace -- that more people would own Blackberrys. However, that's not the case. Blackberry makes up less than 5% of the mobile market.

That's bad news for poker players; at least the poker players that are Blackberry owners. It means that your options for mobile poker are limited, and even worse if you're a US player.


Real Money Blackberry Poker Apps for USA Players

The Disappointing Truth About Real Money Poker & Your Blackberry

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth. Ha-ha, sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Seriously though, the truth of the matter is that you won't find a real money poker app for your Blackberry.

The truth hurts.

If I had to guess why poker sites have yet to integrate a Blackberry app into their lineup, it would be their market share in the mobile market. Blackberry has a dismal 4.7% share. Compare that to 18.8% for the iOS and 68.3% for Android and it's easy to understand what I mean.

This could change in the future, although it's hard to be optimistic. I don't imagine the Blackberry is going to skyrocket in market share, and you have to remember that only a fraction of those users want to play online poker (for real money). So we'll see.

Mobile Poker Alternatives on Your Blackberry

After breaking the bad news I thought I'd share a couple of alternatives to playing poker for real money on your Blackberry phone. Especially for US poker players, since they have few options as is.

Your first option is to skip poker altogether and sign up to play casino games. There are options for both American players and non-Americans to play online casino games like blackjack, slots and video poker for real money. Getting started is real easy, too.

What you need to do is visit your casino of choice (that has a Blackberry app) and find their mobile section. Here is where you'll find one of two things:

1 - A download link. This will download the app to your phone, or take you to the app store to download it from there.

2 - A form. In this form the casino will ask for your phone number, location, what device you have and what game(s) you want to play. Once you hit submit the casino will send the games directly to your phone.

Keep in mind that the app should be free. I've not seen an online casino that charges players to download their app.

Once downloaded you'll be able to log-in and play. If you don't have an account most casinos will ask that you create your account from your desktop/laptop. That's been the case in my experience, at least.

Making a deposit is a simple process, too. If the casino lets you make a deposit using your Blackberry, it'll open a new app or browser window (in most cases). However, some sites won't allow you to handle your banking from your phone for security purposes. So you'll need to handle that from your desktop computer.

Ok, so your second option for playing poker on your Blackberry is to go the free route -- find a couple of apps in the Blackberry app marketplace. Apps can cost nothing, or they can run anywhere from .99 to 5.99. Here are a couple of examples of apps worth checking out (just input these titles into the search bar):

  • Texas Hold'em King LIVE Poker - FREE - Play against players from all over the world, unlock achievements and chat with your tablemates. This app is also available on the Blackberry PlayBook.
  • Texas Hold'em Poker Online - Holdem Poker Stars - FREE - This game has received 4.5 stars. You can play against real players and receive daily bonuses.
  • Poker Cards - FREE
  • Poker Free - FREE

All of these options are free. Just visit the app store to get started.