Poker Deposit Options / Banking Methods For US Players

The biggest challenge next to finding a reputable poker site for US players is making your deposit. Few options exist, and those that work can have complications like banks declining your request. It can be a nightmare.

It’s one that we’d like to help you avoid. Below you’ll find a list of accepted deposit methods for US poker sites. Each page will explain that option in more detail, including how to use it, the pros and cons, and some history behind the company.

Further below the page we answer the most commonly asked questions about making a deposit online.

Deposit Options / Banking Methods for American Poker Players

The following are the best deposit methods for playing poker online. Click the links to learn more about each method.

Credit Cards – A credit card is by far and away the fastest and most efficient way to deposit online. Most poker sites accept Visa at the very least, while others accept MasterCard and American Express, too.

Visa Poker DepositsPoker Rooms Accepting Visa

Visa credit and debit cards are the most widely accept card in online poker. The upsides include quick deposits, acceptance rates and relatively high limits. The only downside is the occasional decline. However, with the right room you’ll find that this is more the exception than the rule.

Amex Poker DepositsAmerican Express Poker Rooms

American Express has the same ups and downs that Visa cards do, but with an added downside; there are fewer (if any) poker sites that accept them. If you plan to use your Amex card I recommend that you have 2nd method on hand for backup.



BitcoinPoker Sites Accepting Bitcoin – Bitcoin has quickly become a staple method for funding your real-money poker account. The cryptocurrency is accepted at nearly all online sites and is a viable methodfor cashouts. This page provides details on how to use Bitcoin (if you've never done so) and which poker sites accept the Bitcoin deposit option.



Mastercard Poker RoomsMasterCard Poker Sites – MasterCard has the same pros and cons as Visa. The only difference is that MasterCard is not as widely accept as Visa. Deposits usually clear in 5-10 minutes and are available to play with right away. This page will show you the best poker sites that accept credit cards.



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding US Deposits

Here are some commonly asked questions about making a deposit online. You’ll find our answers below, along with links to pages that have more in-depth explanations.

Which deposit option is the best to use?

This ultimately depends on what options are available to you, and your preferences.

That said, I recommend using a credit card. It takes less than 5 minutes to enter your details and about that for your funds to clear. It’s the most widely accept option, too, with Visa being the best overall.

What happens if my credit card is declined?

If your debit / credit card is declined there are a couple of steps you can take:

Try it again. Then once more. If that doesn't work, you can contact customer support who can try your card for you. If you still have difficulty, you will usually have the option of using a prepaid gift card or a money transfer ( Moneygram). If after all that you still can't deposit - try a different site.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit online?

It varies. The smallest amount you’ll find is $10.

What information will I need to make my deposit?

For most options you’ll need your card and/or bank account details. However, you might also need your ID, bank name and address, and if you use a money transfer service, the details for the poker site.

Can I use a gift or prepaid card?

In some cases, yes, so long as it has a Visa, MasterCard or Amex logo on it.

How long will it take for my money to be available?

That depends on the option. Credit cards are instant, as are echecks. Money transfer solutions will take as long as it takes you to head to your nearest office, fill out the details and make the payment. Of the two options available you will need to choose the instant options (instead of the 2+ day option).

I have a PayPal account. Can I use that to deposit online?

No, American players cannot use PayPal for deposits. To comply with federal law PayPal doesn’t allow Americans to use their services for online gambling, and will go as far as to terminate your account if they feel you’re trying to do otherwise.

They do let other countries use their services for (online gambling) banking. However, they’re very selective in what rooms they work with.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

Americans will be able to wire or money-transfer their winnings.

I don’t want my bank to know I’m depositing to a poker site. Which deposit options are best to avoid detection?

The best option is to use a money transfer service, such as Moneygram.