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Some visitors to USPokerSites.com naturally have questions about our site.  Below we've collected some of the most common questions we get about USPokerSites.com, along with information on how to contact us if the question you have isn't addressed here.

What is USPokerSites.com?

USPokerSites.com is an informational resource designed specifically to help online poker players from the United States navigate the often-tricky waters of playing poker for real money online.  We cover literally dozens of topics that are relevant to all poker players (in the US and abroad), but the bulk of the focus at USPokerSites.com is placed on the following areas:

Poker Site Reviews:  In addition to identifying the top rooms that accept US action, we also provide detailed reviews covering the software a room provides, the game available at the room, the level of traffic you'll find and numerous other aspects of a poker room that are of interest to poker players.

Deposit and Withdrawal Information:  Moving money on and off an online poker site is quickly becoming a skill unto itself.  We provide detailed breakdowns of the major deposit and withdrawal methods available for US players, including information about fees, transaction requirements and more.

Gambling and the Law:  Thanks to the Internet, there has probably never been another point in time where individuals were more confused about the applicability of the law to their actions.  We aim to provide players with the resources they need to understand the relevant law for themselves so that players can make an informed, educated decision about the relative risks (or lack thereof) involved with playing poker online from the United States.

In addition to those core areas of focus, we also have plenty of coverage of topics like poker compatibility, reviews of non-US poker sites and lists that break down online poker sites by game softness, overlays, instant bankrolls and other metrics.

Who Writes the Content on USPokerSites.com?

There have been a number of contributors to USPokerSites.com over the years, and they have all shared one trait in common: All of our writers are poker players who live and breathe the world they write about.  Our current team of writers is headed up by two longtime poker players and authors who have collectively written tens of thousands of words covering just about every aspect of the game and the industry.

Christine Davies:  Christine is responsible for most of the legal-based content on USPokerSites.com.  She prides herself on offering clear, easy-to-understand summaries of complex topics, and that's a skill that definitely comes in handy when you're writing about the legal status of online gambling in the United States.

Jack Edwards: A lifetime poker player and avid online gambler, Jack heads up almost anything having to do with the mechanics of a poker site, from the software to the welcome bonus to the value of the VIP program.  If you're reading an article about what poker sites are Mac compatible, or which online poker sites have mobile clients, chances are that you're reading Jack's work.

Do You Provide Resources for Problem Gamblers?

We do not offer gambling directly to visitors, so we are unable to identify individuals who may have a problem with gambling responsibly.  For those individuals, we suggest employing the following resources to help prevent a problem before it gets out of control:

Site Support:  The support team at your online casino or online poker room will be able to give you more information about self-exclusion, deposit limits, loss limits and other internal tools that can help you to manage your gambling in a responsible fashion.

NCPG:   The National Council on Problem Gambling is perhaps the best-known and most influential organization advocating for the rights of problem gamblers.  The NCPG offers a variety of resources for gamblers and those close to them.

Gam-Anon: A treatment program for individuals experiencing problem gambling.  Gam-Anon offers straight-to-the-point resources regarding how to identify a problem and how to begin the process of recovery.

It's an unfortunate fact that a small percentage of individuals who participate in online gambling - or gambling of any sort - run the risk of developing a problem.  If you feel yourself experiencing loss of control while gambling on any level, you should explore one of the resources above immediately. When it comes to the issue of problem gambling, it's absolutely far superior to be safe than to be sorry

Where Can I Learn More About the History of Gambling in the United States?

The history of gambling in the US is a colorful one, with a variety of eras and figures combining to create an epic tale that is sure to offer entertainment to everyone.  Here are a few resources for starting your journey through gambling's history in the United States of America:

The Las Vegas Sun Timeline: You can't talk gambling in the US without talking about Las Vegas.  Learn more about the background of this fascinating town with a comprehensive timeline from local newspaper the Las Vegas Sun.

UNLV Center for Gaming Research: A great blend of modern facts and ghosts from gambling's past.  Everyone from stock-watchers to history buffs will find interesting tidbits in this extensive collection of gaming information.

California Governmental Library - History of Gambling in the US: It's a bit dry, but if you're looking for an in-depth rundown of the role that gambling played in the development of the United States, this book chapter is absolutely worth a read.

AGA Pivotal Dates in Gambling History: A handy timeline from the American Gaming Association that focuses on the modern history of gambling in the United States.

How Do I Contact USPokerSites.com?

If there's a question you have about our site - or about any of the rooms covered on USPokerSites.com - you can feel free to email us using the address below.  Please note that responses can take up to 24 hours and that in the case of a critical issue with an online poker site users are advised to contact poker room support staff directly.

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