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Sportsbetting Poker Review

Sports Betting Poker is a new poker room and one of the smaller sites compared to the overall size of other online poker rooms. This is all relative though because there is tons of dead money sitting at the tables every day. The dead money that feeds the poker community is right here at Sports Betting Poker. The reason there is so much dead money at the poker tables here is because of all of the sports betting and gambling that goes on at the other side of the site. These gamblers pour into the poker room in heaps and dump thousands of dollars to the daily grinders. If you would like to be a daily grinder, you are better off just waiting until the night time, and jumping in these cash games. The games during the day are more difficult than the games at night simply because of the regular players seated all day long.

Bonuses/Promotions at Sportsbetting Poker

One solid bonus that Sports Betting Poker offers is a $900 bonus that is matched 25% on an initial deposit to the poker side of the side. This bonus is a greater starter and bankroll builder especially for new players who aren’t familiar with online poker. This bonus is paid instantly. This means you don't have to wait for it to clear before receiving it.

Another bonus is a 25% refer a friend bonus. This bonus can allow you and a friend to benefit from the greatness that is online poker. Also, it allows you to potentially sit on the online felt with one of your buddies. Lastly, another bonus is a 10% Thursday deposit bonus. Any deposit on a Thursday, you will receive 10% of the total deposit back into your account. The bonus isn’t claimed instantly, but rather it is sent in $5 increments until the full amount is cleared.

Another promotion that Sports Betting Poker runs frequently is a daily free roll, or daily free roll’s that run on the hour, every hour. These can be a huge benefit for new players because you don’t have to risk any money and you can win real money for playing in them. That is a winning combination, and it also allows you to learn more about the online game. Ideally, you should sit in these tournament style games to learn more about the online poker game. Most players jump right in and don’t have success at first. These will allow you to look over and analyze the game before you put larger amounts of money online.

Compatibility and Game Selection

Currently Sports Betting Poker is not a Mac friendly website, but in the future they will be. The easiest way to play at Sports Betting Poker is by using a house computer or just any laptop that isn’t a Mac. Downloading the software is fast and simple; just like every other site out there, and you shouldn’t have trouble with it at all. There are a number of great games that run throughout the night at Sports Betting Poker. The best games are always going to be the real money cash games and you can see some flat out terrible plays, and players seated at relatively high stakes. These games are very good to play in for amateurs and seasoned online poker pros.  The cash games will always be very juicy and are loaded with fish.

Traffic at Sportsbetting Poker

The player traffic varies depending on what time of day you have free to play, but ideally you should look to sit in games at night, as they are far easier and better. If you play in games during the day, you will be seated with better players, who are far less prone to make mistakes. The mistakes happen mainly at night, and you should always look to play in the cash games then. Also, weekends are fairly good as well when playing in the cash games. Weekend cash games get very big in a hurry and you can be up or down a couple buy-ins in a matter of only a couple minutes. If you are playing your absolute best games on the weekends, and you are a winning player, then there is no reason why you cannot run over these games with relative ease.

Payment Options and Support

The easiest payment option is by using your Visa or MasterCard. These two credit cards or debit cards are the easiest forms of payment virtually anywhere online today. The cards are simple to use and depositing on to the site should only take about 30 seconds. It is that fast! Another option when cashing money offline or putting money online is a bank wire. This bank wire will allow you to move larger sums of cash around, and you should look for this option with more significant amounts of money.

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