MGM National Harbor’s Mistake Cost Player Thousands of Dollars

MGM National Harbor Cynthia Obie - MGM SSL Number Child Support

In an update, MGM National Harbor paid Cynthia Obie’s jackpot after a week and a few media reports.

Cynthia Obie, a Maryland woman who won a slots jackpot for several thousand dollars, ended up losing the jackpot because MGM National Harbor put the wrong social security number into the system. One number was off and the SSN used was for a person who owed child support.

Because the casino’s employees put the wrong Social Security Number into the database, the woman not only was unable to collect her jackpot, but she was told she owed child support. Under Maryland state law, MGM National Harbor was required to deny payment of the jackpot and seek to collect child support.

Cynthia Obie hit it big at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland when her slot machine won her a big payout. Obie told the local media, “I was very excited. Like, I need this money.”

However, her excitement was short lived. As she was ready to collect her jackpot, the casino informed her of an error that sent her away empty handed.

Wrong Social Security Number

After Cynthia Obie hit her big win, the casino took down all of her information in order to process her payout. Well, when they took down her Social Security number, they misread one number. That one tiny number made for one massive mistake.

Now the person that the incorrect Social Security Number owned back child support, so all of Obie’s winnings were immediately seized. The funds went towards a large amount of back child support that the individual owed to Maryland’s Human Services Agency.

When the casino approached Obie about her winnings being seized by her apparent back child support, she was highly confused.

Ms. Obie said, “I’m like, ‘No. All of my daughters are grown. I’ve never paid child support.’ I’m like, ‘this can’t be right.'”

Thousand Lost to Pay Someone Else’s Child Support

Though she didn’t want to disclose the exact amount of her payout, Obie said that should have been walking out the door with thousands more in her pocket. Instead, because of someone’s clerical error she said she did not know if she would ever even see the money at all.

MGM National Harbor did provide her with a $200 free play credit and drink vouchers for the night as a way to try to reconcile the mega error. But when you should be leaving with thousands, a free play card does not quite seem to leave you to forgive and forget.

Legally Not Responsible

The casino at the time there was really nothing they could do. Now it appears they might not honor the jackpot payout, even once the clerical error is corrected. Cynthia Obie said, “Now I’m at the point, this is insane. You guys are a billion-dollar corporation.”

“You do the research: I won fair and square. I just want my money.” The fact that with the initial situation the billion-dollar company denied her the money and instead left walking away with nothing is absolutely crazy. That is not really taking ownership with your mistakes.”

According to the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control law, MGM National Harbor does have to pay her. The Lottery regulator said they would pay the jackpot if Obie goes through additional followup with the. The Lottery’s statement said, “We are aware of this unfortunate error and have taken the necessary steps to assist Ms. Obie in rectifying this issue. Due to MLGCA [Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency] rules and Maryland State Law, we cannot provide an additional payout for this jackpot, however, if she presents the proper identification credentials to the Maryland Gaming Commission, they will provide her with the appropriate payout.”

“We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused Ms. Obie.”

Though it had a rough middle, it has a happy ending. After a week went by and as Obie’s frustration grew enough that she spoke to the Baltimore media, MGM Resorts finally made the situation right and went above the laws and gave Obie her entire payout. The negative publicity would have cost more than paying a few thousands dollars to a reasonably disgruntled player.