US Poker Sites Accepting Credit Cards

Credit Card Poker Sites for USA PlayersIt's more or less impossible for most people to imagine a world without credit cards.  Despite their ubiquity, however, the modern credit card is a fairly recent invention.  In the early days of the industry, every merchant had their own card and own system; it wasn't until the 1960s that credit cards in the United States started to move toward a universal system that was accepted by all merchants, and many would argue that credit card penetration didn't really even hit a peak until the late 1990s.

One industry that has really embraced the credit card: Online poker.  Players like using credit cards to make deposits at online poker sites because it's quick, easy and relatively secure.  Rooms like it for all of the same reasons (plus the slightly lower charge that credit cards carry when compared to ewallets like PayPal or Neteller).  The only problem for US poker players: Finding a poker site that takes credit cards for deposits.

If you're a US poker player, we've listed your best options for depositing with a credit card in the list below.  After the list, read on for more.

Poker Sites That Still Accept Credit Cards From US Players

Best Credit Card Accepted USA Poker Sites Online

Ignition Poker Accepts US Credit Card Deposits

Ignition Poker - Accepts All USA Credit Card Deposits

200% up to $2000 Bonus

Ignition Poker is one of the top 10 poker sites for US players and accepts all US credit cards including Visa, and MasterCard. The poker room is endorsed by professional players and provides a weekly heads-up match with a $1000 prize pool. Players will receive up to $2000 on their first deposit when you join through our site.

Ignition Poker Review

Bet Online Poker Accepts USA Players

BetOnline Poker - 25% Life Time Bonus on New Deposits

Bet Online Poker accepts all credit cards from US players. The poker room features a 25% lifetime cash bonus (paid in tournament dollars), and provides immediate access to the online casino and sports book. To use a Visa card to deposit, simply click the Visa logo and complete the form. Players that want to deposit using a MasterCard, Amex or other credit card will need to purchase a prepaid visa card from within the cashier first. Once you have your prepaid account loaded, you simply use that account to deposit to the poker room.

BetOnline Poker Review

Sportsbook Poker Accepts USA Credit Card Deposits

Sportsbetting Poker - Accepts ALL USA Poker Players

100% up to $2500 Bonus - No Bonus Code Needed

Sportsbetting Poker is the leading poker room on the Chico Poker Network. The poker room was established in 2006 and continues to provide top level gaming, a full line of poker games, betting site and casino. Sportsbetting Poker players will be able to use their credit cards here and the poker room is known for their incredibly high approval rate. Some of the room’s biggest features include VIP rewards program, easy to clear deposit bonuses and excellent software.

Sportsbetting Review

Why Would I Use a Credit Card to Deposit at an Online Poker Room?

Credit cards are generally regarded as one of the most secure ways to move money on to a poker site.  They're easy to monitor and generally have fraud protection policies that make it tough for you to take a big hit if someone does acquire your information.  It's also less risky than handing over your bank details for a transfer of echeck deposit.

In addition to security, it's hard to deny the speed and ease with which you can deposit at an online poker site with a credit card.  You're generally talking about a few minutes at most, whereas some other deposit methods involve complex steps that can eat up too large a chunk of your day.  Put those two factors together, and you have a pretty compelling case for making credit cards your deposit method of choice if you're an online poker player from the US.

Which Credit Card is the Best for Deposits at US Poker Sites?

The situation is always changing, but the general consensus among players and industry watchers is that credit cards can be more or less ranked as follows in terms of acceptance rates at US online poker sites:

Visa - Highest availability and acceptance rates at major US online poker sites.

Mastercard - Reasonable availability.  Lower acceptance rates than Visa.

American Express - Low availability and high rejection rates.

Discover - Not an option at any sites accepting US players.

Do Many US Poker Rooms Accept Deposits via Credit Card?

Yes.  Credit card-based deposits are the most popular and widely available method for making deposits.  All major networks accepting US players generally take some form of credit card deposit.

We of course recommend that you first try the sites that we've selected above as the best options for US players wanting to deposit at an online poker site using a credit card.  The sites we have chosen for this list provide players not only with the ability to deposit with credit cards, but also the top-rated mix of available games, bonuses, security and so on.  For complete details about any of these rooms, just give the accompanying "review" link a click.

What Alternatives are There to Credit Card Deposits?

If you want to play poker online from the US but don't want to use a credit card for deposit, you still have some choices.  Many rooms are starting to accept prepaid cards, which don't carry any of the security risks of credit cards.  You could also explore money transfer services like Moneygram as ways to deposit at a room.  For a complete list of available deposit methods, it's best to just contact support at the room.  They'll be able to give you the most up-to-date answers on how to deposit at their room in the quickest, easiest way possible.