South Jersey Woman Wins $287k While in Conference Call

Divine Fortune Slots Jackpots - SugarHouse Casino Payouts

Divine Fortune has paid out 6 Mega Jackpots in the past 22 months.

An unidentified woman in the town of Mantua, New Jersey won $288,000 playing online slots while she was in the middle of a conference call on Thursday. The woman won her prize after placing a $2 bet on Divine Fortune Slots at the SugarHouse Online Casino.

The woman’s $287,945 jackpot payout was the largest online slots jackpot offerred in New Jersey. The payout is also the largest seen since SugarHouse Casino, a Philadelphia-area land-based casino with a sub-license under Golden Nugget Atlantic City’s license, entered the gaming market in 2016.

Richard Schwartz, the president of SugarHouse Casino’s parent company, Rush Street Interactive out of Chicago, said the jackpot was great news. Schwartz said, “Hitting this record-breaking jackpot is great for us and for the entire online gaming industry, as it proves people can win life-changing amounts online at anytime and anyplace.”

While gaming operators’ goal is to collect revenues, big jackpots are a good way to earn publicity for their gaming operations.

Divine Fortune Slots Jackpot

The winner of the Divine Fortune prize on Monday, of course, does not need the publicity. Her employee would not want to know she was playing slots at a time she was supposed to be paying attention in a conference call. The $287k prize is nice, but not enough to retire on.

Luckily, big prize winners on New Jersey online slots have the option of remaining anonymous, much like they can when they win the lottery. Remaining anonymous allows jackpot winners to avoid scam artists, robbers, and long-lost cousins coming out of the woodwork with potential investments.

The woman did post on the SugarHouse Casino website her reaction to winning the jackpot. The prize winner wrote she “was actually on a work conference call and almost screamed out loud.” The winner added that she had been playing the SugarHouse Online Casino since January of this year.

SugarHouse Casino Jackpots

Since SugarHouse Casino launched its New Jersey gaming portal in September 2016, six players have won the five-reel Divine Fortune game’s Mega Jackpot. This was the biggest prize yet, though.

Previous winners have come forward. For instance, in March 2018, Anibal Lopez, a 33-year old superintendent of a construction site, won $193,737 on the Divine Fortune Mega Jackpot.

Anibal Lopez Wins Divine Fortune Slots

Lopez told, “I couldn’t believe I won that much money. I told my wife: I don’t feel well. My legs are shaking. She said we need to get you to the emergency room. I told her no I’m not sick. I just won close to $194,000.”

The $197k prize was so big, because the jackpot had not been triggered since September 2017 — 6 months prior. Previous jackpots included a $13,950 prize in May 2017, a $61,266 jackpot in April 2018, a $91,680 prize in September 2017, and a $46,096 jackpot — also in September 2017.

Richard Schwarts on Slots Jackpots

Richard Schwartz said his company enjoys these moments, even when they cannot reveal the prize winner’s name. He said, “We love offering our players exciting games that provide real opportunities for significant winnings.”

Divine Fortune Slots is one of 400 games available on SugarHouse Casino, which is the No. 1 online casino in the New Jersey online and mobile casino market. Borgata once was the No. 1 provider, but SugarHouse Casino offers a wide variety of slots from the world’s top slots manufacturers, including IGT, Bally, WMS Interactive, and Konami.