No Download US Online Casinos - Best Casinos with No Download Software

No Download USA CasinosNo download casinos for US players are common. In fact, most casino sites these days offer some sort of Mac compatible or no download version of their software using java or flash. The java and flash based casino sites give you the option to play in the internet browser of your choice, while maintaining the same quality in graphics and games that you would have seen had you used the download.

Why play no download casino games?

This depends on a few different variables. If your playing on a Mac OS, you will have no choice but to use the no download software (unless you want to run a dual boot). Some players prefer to test out the software first rather than download a resource intensive program. The no download US casinos let you do this.

Below you will find our top picks for online casinos with no download software. All of the casinos on this page are licensed and regulated in their jurisdictions, accept USA players and provide excellent customer service, high quality gaming and over 50 different casino games for free or real money.

Reviewing Top Online Casinos With No Download Casino Software

As the popularity of online casinos has grown over the last decade, so have the number of ways that people can play at their favorite casino online.  One method that has absolutely exploded as of late: No download casinos, which allow players using a variety of devices and platforms to play at a casino without ever having to install software.  We'll tackle some of the common questions below after the list of our top-rated no download online casino sites.

What is the Difference Between No Download Casinos and Regular Online Casinos?

Well, there's the one obvious difference right in the name - you don't need to download or install any software when you use the no download version of a casino's software.  This is an extremely handy characteristic for gamblers who don't want to install software or who are prohibited from installing software on a given machine.

Other than that, the differences are somewhat minimal.  Yes, some no download versions of casinos are somewhat no-frills when compared to the downloadable version, but generally the things that are left out were nowhere close to essential to the game in the first place.  You might also see a somewhat lower selection of overall games at a no download casino, but the favorites for most players - slots, blackjack, video poker and roulette - will all be there.

In terms of security and stability, no download casinos easily meet or exceed what their downloadable brethren have to offer.  We'll talk a bit more about the security issues surrounding no download casino software in our next section. 

Is it Safe to Play at a No Download Casinos?

As long as you do so in a secure fashion, the answer is yes.  It's worth noting that if you engage in risky online behavior (storing passwords, accessing and logging in to sites from connections that aren't secure) then it doesn't matter what type of software you use - you'll be at risk regardless.

In short: For casino players that take security seriously, no download casinos should not present any unique risk.  Casino players should always be very aware of security concerns no matter what sort of method they use to gamble online - mobile, download, no download or otherwise.

What Do I Need to Play at a No Download Casino Online?

The beauty of playing at no download casinos is that you generally don't need much of anything besides a web browser and an internet connection.  With no downloads or installation, you need to do little beyond fire up your browser, visit the casino site and log in to start playing.

Some no download software may require you to install a Java plugin or a similar addon to your browser; if this is the case, you might want to do a bit of research before playing just to be sure that you're comfortable with adding whatever is required to your browser.  You will also need the latest version of your browser to play at most no download casinos, as many are written using HTML or similar languages that only work in recent versions of popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Why Would I Choose a No Download Casino Over a Regular Casino?

As mentioned earlier in the article, no download casinos are used for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the most popular motivations people have for playing at no download online casinos:

Operating system compatibility:  If you're on a Mac or running Linux, your favorite online casino might not have a compatible version of their software available for download.  No download casino software is basically platform independent.

Inability to install programs:  Not every person using a computer has the permissions necessary to install software on that computer.  However, almost all computer users can fire up a browser.

Lack of interest in installing programs:  Some people are very careful about what they install on their computers, whether it be for reasons of space, security or just personal preference.

Speed of access:  Downloading, installing and opening software takes time.  Loading a website takes seconds.

Finally, you might just like the software better.  Until you give a no download casino a try, you'll never quite know for sure!