New Poker Sites - Best New Poker Sites Accepting USA Players

New Poker Sites for USA PlayersThe market for online poker in the United States is, to put it mildly, in a constant state of flux.  This represents both a challenge and an opportunity for online poker players from America; new sites are opening all of the time and can be difficult to track, but they also tend to offer some of the most generous promotions and bonuses as they strive to gain market share.

For some help navigating the world of new online poker sites, you can either simply pick a site from our list of the top new poker sites for US players or continue reading for more analysis of the newer sites to open to the US market.

This page provides you with the following;

  • A list of the reccomended new sites for US players
  • The advantages & disadvantages to playing on a new network / poker room.
  • How to fund your account


New Poker Sites For 2023

Ignition Poker Accepts USA Players

Ignition Poker - 100% up to $1000 Bonus - Accepts Visa & Bitcoin

Ignition Poker is the newest poker site to join the United States poker market, which offers cutting-edge software for both Mac and Windows plus a dedicated mobile app. The poker room is able to support a good amount of low to mid stakes games and offers an easy to clear deposit bonus. Join Ignition Poker today and receive a 100% deposit bonus maxed out at $1000. Review

Bet Online Poker Accepts USA Players

BetOnline Poker - 100% Instant Cash Bonus for New USA Players

Bet Online is the newest poker site to hit the US market. The poker room offers a Mac and Windows download, and is the only US poker site to offer players an instant bonus on first deposit.  While the poker room is new, the main site ( has been operating since 2004 with zero complaints.  The company has built a solid reputation for providing prompt payments and top-level support. The poker room's traffic is mainly comprised of sports bettors, attributing to the soft cash games and wild tournaments. If you're looking for a new US poker site, Bet Online is definitely worth a try. As a new player, you'll receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

Bet Online Poker Review

Are New Rooms Still Opening to US Players?

Yes.  In fact, US players are seeing more new opportunities for online poker right now than they have at any point in the last several years.  Part of this is driven by the exits of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker from the US market, which created a lack that several players are now rushing to fill.  The US market for online poker has traditionally been a very lucrative one, a fact that continues to drive new operators into the space.

Most of the new US poker sites are not standalone rooms, but rather part of a network of rooms that already accepts players from the United States.  Why would you want to play on a new room if it's just a skin on a network where you have an account already?  One word: Value.  As mentioned earlier, new poker sites generally have more lavish and generous promotions than existing rooms, because new rooms are - to put it bluntly - desperate for players.  It's your job as a red-blooded poker player to take advantage of any edge, and the bonuses offered by new rooms are just as valuable as a fish at your table dumping off chips.  It's all money in your bankroll at the end of the day.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of New Sites

Some online poker sites are approaching 18 years online. Over those years, some sites have flourished, while others have stayed small or even disappeared. There are benefits to playing at the big older sites – though new poker sites have some big advantages too.

If you can get in with a room that is fresh on the market, you’ll often find fewer poker pros – who tend to play where there is a huge choice of tables. You’ll often also find big marketing budgets, which means more bonuses and cash rewards.

This page has you covered if you are considering playing at new online poker sites. First below, the pros and cons of new sites (compared to the older ones) are covered in more depth. After that there are some examples of newer poker sites you can check out. Finally, some info on getting your cash into new poker rooms can be found.

New Online Poker Sites – The Benefits

Online poker pros, known as ‘grinders’ are a fact of life for those of us playing online. This type of player will multi-table, often using software to highlight the inexperienced opponents at each table. It is natural for soft games to attract some pros. The problem occurs when they start to outnumber the new players. This creates a dynamic where it is hard for inexperienced players to win – their bankroll is gone before they learn the ropes!

New poker sites have the advantage of being smaller, and so not appealing to the poker pros – at least at first. With more recreational type players checking out the games, the games are more entertaining, and less tough by a long way.

The other big benefit of a new room is that poker sites often start off with significant marketing budgets to help them get off the ground. This will be used to offer attractive bonuses, free tournaments or to offer cash back type rewards. If you are prepared to move your bankroll around to take advantage of these new poker site deals, you’ll get more rewards for you’re the time spent.

New sites will often innovate. You’ll find new games, new designs and new compatibility with devices like iPhones or Tablets.

The Downside of New Online Poker Sites

While the big sites have more pros, they also have more choice. Having a larger player pool means more poker variations can be offered. It also means that novel variants have a big enough pool of participants willing to try them out. You also get bigger tournament guarantees and big promotions that would not be possible with a tiny player pool.

There is also a risk factor with a new room. Over time, different poker sites build different reputations in terms of how fast they process withdrawal requests and how responsive their customer service is. If your room is brand new, then you may not be sure if how reputable they are. In my experience, a licensed room with regular RNG (random number generator) testing will usually be ok. If you do hear about any issues with delayed payments, you need to be quick to get your money off of the site.

Are There Any New Sites for US Players?

The offshore poker rooms for US players have been static for some time. There are new games, new software and new promotions – though other than one new site, things have remained static.

Ignition Poker are the newest name. This site took over the poker room and players from Bovada last year. The software remains the same. As well as being the newest US poker site, Ignition Poker are also the largest. They are ahead of the Winning Poker Network (America’s Cardroom Poker) and BetOnline Poker in the traffic rankings.
There are some benefits to choosing this new poker site. Ignition Poker runs what they call a ‘recreational player model’. This involves anonymous tables, a ban on 3rd party tools and a cap on multi-tabling. You’ll find the games softer than average here as a result. The bonuses are generous, with up to $200 in bonuses for new players signing up.

Deposits and Withdrawals from Newer Poker Rooms

I recommend checking out the withdrawal process for your winnings before you make a deposit at any new poker site. Look out for minimum withdrawal amounts. Sometimes these are high enough (for example $100+_ to ‘trap’ the bankrolls of smaller stakes players.

If you are US based, then banks will try and block your deposits. There are several easy ways around this. Credit cards will work a lot of the time. You’ll need to make a purchase internationally to deposit. This is a one-way payment option, as withdrawals back to credit cards are not possible. Visa and MasterCard are the main (though not the only) brands.

Pre-paid Visa cards have been used successfully for poker deposits by many players. Alternative options include Money Orders, Money Transfers (For example using Western Union) and the crypto-currencies. Currently, Bitcoin can be used for deposits at most online poker rooms. Litecoin can also be used at BetOnline or SportsBetting Poker.
Withdrawing is simple, though for US based players it can be on the slow side. If you deposited with a credit card, then the most common withdrawal method is via a paper check. Most sites will allow 1 free withdrawal each month, and then charge an admin fee for any additional withdrawals.

You can also withdraw using Bitcoin or Litecoin. Bigger amounts can sometimes get a wire transfer, or use a money exchange office – for example MoneyGram.

Can I Trust New Poker Sites That Accept US Players?

As recent events involving poker sites from around the world show, all poker sites carry with them some degree of risk.  It doesn't matter if the site is based in the EU market, the US market or some other locale - online poker rooms can shut down without notice and delay or deny players access to their funds.  These scenarios, of course, are the exception and not the rule, but we raise them only to make the point that there's nothing uniquely dishonest about US poker sites.  Instead, players should be exercising caution regardless of what type of site they're playing on.

Will I Find Any Games on These Sites?

New US online poker sites that are based on a network have a major advantage over new US rooms that are starting from scratch.  Obviously, a room that is part of a network of sites will have traffic and games from day one, while a room going it alone is going to have to build those players one at a time.

Since the overwhelming majority of new poker sites that welcome US players are part of a network, there shouldn't be much of an issue for players when it comes to game selection at those rooms.  The major US-facing networks have solid traffic levels that will provide more than adequate game options for the vast majority of online poker players. Unfortunately there are no new poker sites that offer real money apps for Android or any mobile device.