Poker Strategy Articles

Omaha Poker Strategy – This article provides a general guide for novice payers who want a better understanding of how to play Omaha and suggested starting hands. You will also find details on which hands to avoid. It is meant as a beginners guide.

Reverse Bluffing – Bluffing is said to be one of the most over played tactics players use. Most players attempt to bluff far too often and don’t wait for the right moment. Once you have mastered bluffing you should also understand what a reverse bluff is. Players want the opposite to happen meaning you actually want your opponent to stay in the pot.

Short Handed Sit n Go – For most players they learn how to play tournaments which are more often than not in a full table setting. While this is a great thing to be able to do, you still need to learn the other half of playing tournaments which is sit and gos and more so playing shorthanded. A shorthanded table is a game with six players or less. This article provides a step by step guide for playing these games.

Table Image – Table image is absolutely critical to playing winning poker. It not only helps you determine who you are up against but provides you with the ability to read your opponents thus making better decisions. Although every table will offer a wide range of players, this article gives a general overview of things to look for.

Multi-table Tournament Strategy – Alongside our SNG strategy article we are also providing a multi-table strategy article which explains the various stages within an MTT as well as things to look for during each stage of the game. This article walks through the early, mid, late and final levels of the game and provides suggestions for making it through each stage.

Bankroll Management - This article provides information on the general rule of thumb when playing in ring and tournament games. Also provides a guideline on average big blinds a player should have.

Playing Small Pairs - Provides information on how to play small pairs from various positions and how to use them to your advantage. This is a basic article for beginners.

Chip Bullying - Chip bullying and being able to control the table with your chip stack is critical during the late stages of a tournament and will allow you to pick up extra pots. This article explains how to do this effectively while at the same time explaining how to react should you be the one being bullied.

Calculating Bet Size - Deciding how much you to bet can be used to tip off your opponents on a possible hand or to hide your hand from them. Using proper betting techniques will in the long run allow you to take down more pots and reduce your loses.

Playing Position - Another strategy that should always be used in addition to bankroll management. Playing position allows you to minimize your loses at the table and gives you information about your opponents thus enabling you with information to make the correct decisions.