Poker Rules - Omaha Hi Lo

Omaha Hi Lo is a community card game played just like Omaha except players will be playing with a different payout system in place. Unlike regular Omaha where players are playing for one pot, Omaha Hi Lo allows you to play for both the high and low pot. Players will still receive four cards and see five community cards. You will be required to use two of your four hole cards in combination with three of the five community cards. In order for a player to try for the low hand, their five card hand must not have a card higher than an 8 to qualify.

How To Play Omaha Hi Lo

The players to the left of the dealer will need to pay their small and big blind prior to any cards being dealt. Once this has been done, each player will receive four cards face down. The player who is seated to the left of the big blind will be first to act and will be able to either call, bet of fold. Each player will than receive a turn with the same choices as to how they want to play their hand.

Once the betting round has completed the dealer will place the first three community cards on the table face up. This is referred to as the flop. Players will have another opportunity for betting, followed by another card dealt face up. This card is called the turn. Once the third betting round is complete, the final and fifth community card will be dealt face up (river card) and players can begin the final round of betting.

After betting is complete each player still left in the hand will show their hand. The player with the highest hand will win half of the pot while the player with the lowest hand will win the other half of the pot. In the event that there is no qualifying low hand, the player(s) with the highest hand will receive the entire pot.