Poker Rules - HORSE

HORSE is a very unique game and has been said to one of the most difficult variations for players to master. This is why the bracelet awarded in the HORSE event at the WSOP is one of the most sought after bracelets and one of the highest achievements for a player to win. It signifies that the player has been able to master not just one but all variations of the game.

What does HORSE stand for?

HORSE is an acronym for various poker games including;


Omaha Hi Lo


Seven Card Stud ( high only)

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

How to play HORSE

HORSE is played with one variation used in each round. The game will star with Texas Holdem with betting restricted to fixed limit only. Once the round has completed, the game will switch to Omaha, again played in limit, followed by Razz , 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi Lo. Once each of the variations has been played the game will move back to the original order and again start with Limit Holdem. The betting rounds will be played as they normally would in each of these games, however you will always play limit poker.

HORSE is quickly becoming one of the favourites among mixed games and we suggest that you familarize yourself with the variations involved in this game prior to playing all of them in one game. Another mixed game which is similar in format is H.O.S.E which is a mix of (Holdem, Omaha High Low, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High Low Eight or Better). If you want to play HORSE online you will be limited to the number of rooms offering with the top three including;