Poker Rules - Badugi Poker

Badugi is very similar to triple lowball poker except this is the four card version of the game. The object of this game is to try and have at least one card of each suit without receiving any pairs. If you manage to do this than your hand is declared Badugi.

In Badugi players will play small blind and big blind just as you would in Omaha and Holdem. Each player will be dealt four cards and the player seated to the left of the big blind will be the first to act and begin the betting round. You will have the same options as the other variants which includes; fold, bet, raise and call. Once the betting round has completed players will decide how many cards from their hand they wish to discard and will than receive replacement cards.

Once the first round is complete players will again be given another betting round with the first person to the left of the dealer who is still involved in the game acting first. Following the betting round, players will again be able to choose the number of cards they will be discarding followed by a third betting round and another draw. In total you will have 4 draws in Badugi Poker.

Winning Hands in Badugi Poker.

To win the pot a player must have the lowest hand meaning A, 2, 3, and 4 with all different suits to be declared the best hand. If a player has Ah-2d-3c-4c and another has 6s-2c-3h-4d, the player with the Badugi (four different suits) will win the pot.If no player has a Badugi and hands show matching suits or pairs then a card from either the pair or the same suit will be discounted and the players will play best hand using three cards.

Badgui is a really fun game to play. It is not as commonly available as the other poker variations but can be found at online poker sites.