Glenn Straub Renames Revel Casino with the Name “Ten”


Revel Casino seemed to have bad luck, so perhaps the number 10 will be a lucky one for the gorgeous gaming venue.

The Revel Casino has a new name: TEN. After several months of trying to rebrand the unfortunate Revel Casino, Glenn Straub and Polo North settled on the number ten. The new brand was announced in a press release to the Atlantic City media on Monday.

The name is in keeping with a current minimalist trend in casino market. In July, the Horseshoe Casino renamed itself “JACK”. In fact, the owner of Jack Casino, Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert, renamed his entire gaming company Jack.

At the time the new name was announced, Jack Casino CEO Darlene Monzo said of the name, “What is Jack? Jack is an attitude. It’s a way of thinking. It’s our company’s inner spirit.”

What “Ten” Symbolizes

Bob Labanara, who announced the Ten Casino decision on behalf of Polo North and Glenn Straub, seemed to offer a better defense of his company’s decision.

In a press release, TEN spokesman Bob Labanara said, “The number ten depicts the highest standard of achievement and is widely recognized as the benchmark of quality and excellence. The TEN brand appropriately reflects its idyllic beachfront setting and complete guest experience as Atlantic City’s flagship property.

Labanara continued, “The TEN experience offers unrivaled elegance and affordable luxury for all that includes world-class rooms and suites, spas, pools, nightlife and day club escapes, gourmet dining, retail, a-list entertainment and gaming.

Ten AC NJ Website

The spokesman said a new website has been launched for the property at The page touts amenities like the oceanfront views, the beach, the dining, its nightclubs, the spa, and its open date in 2017. The site offers a page for job inquiries, marketing and sales, and contact information. Otherwise, not much information can be gleaned from the site at the moment.

Mr. Labanara said the Ten Casino plans to launch in the 1st Quarter of 2017, if licensing from the Division of Gaming Enforcement is completed by then. It has been a source of angst for Glenn Straub that he has been unable to expedite the licensing process, especially at a time when Atlantic City needs all the jobs it can get.

Ten Is “What’s Next in Atlantic City”

Such recriminations were not present on Monday. Ten’s spokemsan told the Press of Atlantic City that the city’s most visually stunning resort looks forward to being a premier casino.

Labanara said of the new Ten Casino, “It’s what’s next in Atlantic City. We are thrilled to share our brand with the public and to introduce a new era of resort and entertainment. TEN joined with our infinity logo represents our mission to provide the highest-rated amenities and our daily endeavor to offer an infinitely perfect escape for our guests, families and businesses.

$10,000 Prize for Naming Suggestions

The campaign to name the old Revel Building has been a source of mirth with some. In May 2016, Glenn Straub spoke before an audience of college students and encouraged them to submit naming ideas. That led to a torrent of suggestions on Twitter.

At the time, Glenn Straub said he would give $10,000 to anyone who came up with a new name for the Revel Casino. It is uncertain if the “Ten” concept came from that initiative, or if anyone won the prize.

What Does “Borgata” Mean?

In June, Philadelphia magazine ran a story in which the marketing experts said the name of the casino really did not matter. Stockton University professor Jane Bokunewicz said, “Even look at Borgata. What does that name even mean? And they’re the most successful casino in Atlantic City.

It’s no doubt that the key to Ten Casino’s future is receiving a gaming license, filling the remaining space with tenants, and attracting the right kind of clientele to the resort. While a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, words have meaning and brands do signify things to people. “Revel” was supposed to signify a place of revelry and fun — a party atmosphere — but Revel Casino became a watchword for financial instability and economic overreach. Its most famous moment was when Ray Rice knocked out his fiance in one of the Revel’s elevators.

How to Market “Ten Casino”

The name “Ten” might seem commonplace and simplistic at first glance, but graphical designers and marketers should be able to use the concept in a variety of ways. One has to see whether the logo will contain the familiar “10” or the Roman numeral equivalent “X”. The latter might be too evocative of the Caesars Atlantic City’s Romanesque decorations, or quips that Glenn Straub was running a school for gifted mutants.