Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor Bout Breaking Betting Records

Mayweather McGregor Betting Action UK Sportsbooks

The fight’s betting action is already 50% higher than the previous record at Betfair.

The boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor on August 26 is going to break all betting records, whether it is a sporting farce or a world class sports event. At present, £7.5 million has been wagered on Mayweather-McGregor.

The bout, which takes place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on August 26, already has seen the most action in the Betfair Exchange’s history. The previous record was £5 million wagered in April’s Super Heavyweight Championship match between Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua. That bout not only had the advantage of a UK boxer, but also took place in Wembley Stadium, so all UK sports bettors saw plenty of hype before the match.

Mayweather-McGregor Sports Hype

Mayweather/McGregor’s hype is on another level. The two went on a highly-touted 4-stop public relations tour through the United States and the United Kingdom, culminating in a London press conference.

The sports media broadcasted each insult with blow-by-blow coverage of the fighters’ insults towards one another. Among that same skeptical sports media, the general consensus was the press conferences like would produce more confrontation than the actual boxing match.

Can McGregor Beat Mayweather?

A wide world of opinion surrounds the question of whether the welterweight boxing match will be a real competition or not. Conor McGregor is a force in mixed martial arts, as he’s the only Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter to hold a belt in two weight classes at once.

In the octogon, Conor McGregor is a compelling opponent for anyone. He’s never fought in a competitive professional boxing match before, though. While he is best known for having a knockout punch in his left hand (and power in both hands), in the match with Mayweather, he will not be able to use kicks and takedowns against his opponent. He even loses money if he kicks Mayweather at any point.

Is Mayweather the Greatest of All Time (GOAT)?

Floyd Mayweather, on the other hand, is considered the best pound-for-pound boxer of his generation. Even those fight fans who refuse to give “Money” Mayweather his full due admit that he is the finest defensive fighter of his era. To the fight fans who want to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. lose for the first time, that admission is made grudgingly. They say that Mayweather wins by picking over-the-hill or before-their-prime opponents, then winning with a boring defensive style.

The formula has been wildly successful. No other boxer has made anywhere nearly as much cash as Floyd Mayweather, as his earnings are reaching the $1 billion mark. (He’ll earn between $200 million and $250 million for the McGregor fight.) Because he does his own fight promotion instead of using established promoters like Don King or Bob Arum, Floyd Mayweather collects all of the cash, instead of having someone skim from the top. Say what you will about his considerable skills inside the ring, “Money” has tremendous business savvy outside the ring.

Can Conor McGregor Back Up His Words?

In Conor McGregor, Mayweather found the perfect opponent. McGregor has a legion of fans in MMA. He also has a legion of haters. McGregor is anything but boring in his sport. He fights anyone Dana White of the UFC puts in front of him, even when they are two weight classes higher and it’s on short notice. McGregor wins in exciting fashion, usually by knockout.

Even better for Mayweather, Conor McGregor is a world class loudmouth. The Irish fighter makes the cocky Mayweather seem like an amateur when it comes to swagger. He is good on the mike and good in interviews — the perfect fighter when it comes to hyping a fight.

Why Conor McGregor Will Lose Huge

The problem is, Conor McGregor has never fought in a boxing ring before. Now, he’s earning $100 million to step into the ring in the most disadvantageous role possible. Being a good striker in the UFC does not prepare someone to be a good professional boxer. The stance and footwork is all different, because an MMA fighter must use a wide stance to block kicks, sweeps, and takedowns. Boxing requires a fighter to use different footwork, so McGregor is likely to have trouble getting in position to throw the right punches.

Why Floyd Mayweather Will Dominate McGregor

Meanwhile, he’s fighting a master defensive fighter, someone who is sure to frustrate a novice. Floyd Mayweather has not has a knockout in nearly 10 years of boxing, but he has mastered the art of carrying a fighter through 12 rounds and dominating the second half of the fight. Many experts fear the Conor McGregor will “gas” after the 4th round or so, because he is not used to 36 minutes of competition. The consensus is he’ll either get in a lucky punch and win by knockout in under 4 rounds, or he’ll get fatigued and the fight will turn into a 12-round snoozefest. The smart money is on the latter.

That does not matter for the betting public. Both fighters have huge fan followings, while both fighters have massive numbers of people who want to see them shut up, because both play the heel. If you are a realist boxing fan who thinks Mayweather will win easily, you’re betting on the match. If you’re an MMA fan who thinks McGregor is bigger, tougher, and younger, then you’re wanting to get +400 or +500 betting action. This fight is going to be a huge gambling event.